IDF Strikes Southern Lebanon After Rockets Fall on Northern Israel


The Israel Defense Forces went into action on Israel’s northern border this evening, Sunday, December 20, after three rockets were fired into northern Israel shortly before.

The army spokesperson’s unit confirmed that the three rockets had fallen on open areas in the Western Galilee near the northern city of Nahariya. Security forces subsequently scoured the area and reported no injuries or fatalities.

The army spokesperson reported shortly thereafter that the IDF had conducted retaliatory strikes in southern Lebanon.

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“A short while ago, the army struck southern Lebanon with artillery fire in retaliation for the rockets fired toward communities in the western Galilee earlier this evening. The IDF holds the Lebanese army fully responsible for actions carried out within its borders and will continue to act against any attempt to strike areas under the sovereignty of the State of Israel or its citizens. At this stage, there is no change advised in the routine of the residents in the area,” a statement by the IDF spokesperson read.

Jackie Sabag, the mayor of Nahariya also issued a statement, calling upon residents of the area to continue about their daily routines: “The rockets fell outside of the city of Nahariya. We are used to these kinds of situations and we have return immediately to our routines. I urge residents to be aware of such incidents but to continue about your daily lives as usual.”

Sabag sought to allay possible fears that citizens would be required to find safety under Israel’s emergency infrastructure of bomb shelters. “Presently there is no need to open up the bomb shelters but should the need arise, we will do so immediately.”

The incident came after news that Samir Kuntar, a terrorist who murdered four in the 70s including a 4-year-old Israeli girl by beating her to death with a rifle butt, and who was later released under the Gilad Shalit deal, had been killed.

Israel had already been on alert and expected a possible incident of rocket fire after Hezbollah, a terrorist organization based in southern Lebanon, blamed Israel for Kuntar’s death.


(Jonathan Benedek contributed to this article.)


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