IDF Uncovers Terror Tunnel Inside Israeli Territory Near Southern Gaza Strip

(Pic: Israeli Defense Forces)

October 20, 2020

KHAN YOUNIS (VINnews) — The IDF reported Tuesday that it has uncovered a “terror tunnel”  in the Gaza Strip that ran dozens of meters into Israeli territory. The IDF reported that while it was installing a barrier system on the border, it received an “indication” that there was a tunnel tens of meters underneath.  Military engineers then succeeded in locating the concrete-lined tunnel i an area near the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis.

“The route [of the tunnel] was located as part of ongoing efforts to find and neutralize tunnels and thanks to the technological and [intelligence] capabilities of the barrier,” the IDF said in a statement.

It says the tunnel did not reach far enough into Israel to bypass an underground barrier being built beneath the border area and did not pose a threat to communities in the area.

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The IDF stressed that it holds the Hamas terror group responsible for the tunnel as it is the ruling party in the Gaza strip.

“The IDF is determined to defend Israel’s sovereignty and the security of its citizens and will continue to act against terror — above and below ground — in every area where it may be required,” the military says.

The announcement comes a day after the IDF restricted access to the southern Gaza border area due to what it said was an unspecified “engineering operation.” It stressed there was no danger to residents of the area and on Monday night eased the security restrictions.


Source: VosIzNeias

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