India: Terror cells may be planning attack on Jews, Israelis

Calcutta, India . iStock

Terror cells planning to kidnap Israelis in India, intelligence agencies warn.

Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/11/19 14:54

Global terror organizations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS are planning to harm Israeli and Jewish interests, local intelligence agencies warned.

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According to Israel Hayom, online notices located by intelligence agencies showed that two terror cells are intending to target tourist sites and Jewish centers. The jihadists may also attempt to kidnap Israeli tourists traveling to India, the intelligence warnings said.

In light of the warnings regarding a terror attack, districts in which there is a large Jewish community or many Israeli tourists have received a warning that there is a chance of terror attacks. According to intelligence agencies, the terror cells may target schools and hotels visited by Israelis.

Approximately one month ago, the alarm level in Delhi, India’s capital, was raised due to warnings of an attack on the Israeli Embassy and additional Israeli and Jewish targets.


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