IS SPIRIT AIRLINES ANTI-SEMITIC? Another Two Jewish Passengers Get Banned From Airline – They Claim They Did Nothing


Is Spirit Airlines targeting Jews? That’s what it seems like, after more Jews were banned from flying with the airlines for no reason whatsoever.

Just three days ago, YWN published an article about a family who received a letter from Spirit Airlines banning them from flying for two years. YWN reported that the family of five children and parents had an uneventful flight from a NY area airport to Florida in mid-January, and received a letter banning them three weeks later.

In the article, YWN reported how we had spoked to a family member who said that they were all masked as required by law, and had no altercation with any of the flight crew. They never left their seats, and sat in their assigned seats the entire flight. Not a word was said to the family about any mask issue or any other issues during the entire duration of the flight.

In our article, YWN was careful to never mention that the family was Jewish, or that it was anything to do with anti-Semitism. But since YWN published the article, we have received at least two additional reports of incidents receiving the same letter.

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Both new cases involved flights from NY to Florida or Florida to NY.

One of the incidents involved a Jewish female, who also tells YWN that she had no incident whatsoever, and not one word was said to her by any of the flight crew or other passenger’s during the entire flight. She was masked the entire flight and never left her seat. She tells YWN that she was stunned to receive a letter banning her from the airline three weeks later.

“You were aware of this (mask mandate), but still refused to wear a face covering onboard (the flight)”, the letter reads. “Your failure to comply with spirit’s face covering policy and crew member instructions despite numerous requests caused great concern to your fellow guests and crew”.

“As a result of your aforementioned behavior, Spirit Airlines has determined that you are no longer permitted to fly with us, and we have placed you on a list for that purpose. You are also barred from entering Spirit’s facilities. If you seek to circumvent this, any ticket that you purchase will be forfeit without a refund. If you come into our facilities, we will report that trespass to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.”

The letters ends by Spirit saying that she has to contact them in two years from the date of the letter to request that Spirit revisit the restrictions.

Besides for YWN questioning if the airline is singling out Jews, we can also let our readers know that Spirit Airlines clearly has no clue what’s going on in their own company.

One of the individuals who was banned from flying for two years received an email from the airline AFTER they were banned thanking them for flying and “looking forward to seeing them on a Spirit flight soon”.

YWN has been informed that a lawsuit is going to be filed against Spirit Airlines. If you were banned from the airline and received the same letter, please let YWN know immediately. 

Read the letter below:

Source: (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



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