Isaac & Rubenstein – Blue Skies – Live Lounge Sessions





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Performance by: Dan Isaac & Binyomin Rubenstein
Recorded at Redstone Studios Filmed at Luz Live Lounge

Blue Skies’ is the new and long-awaited single release from Isaac & Rubenstein, the first of a cluster songs to be released over the upcoming months along with some live studio sessions.?
Blue Skies speaks of the yearning of Mashiach, the love we have for Hashem, and the hopes and desires we dream of, despite our long and arduous galus. It is a powerful, moving and cleverly crafted guitar track highlighting I&R’s harmonies and melodic prowess.?
“You know what I want to see; the Temple Mount and the Dynasty. It’s been so long won’t you come for me. Just stretch your arm and rescue me” (Blue Skies)?
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Vocals, Instrumentation & Production: Dan Isaac & Binyomin Rubenstein Original Melody: Binyomin Rubenstein Recorded and Mixed at Redstone Studios Graphics: Dan Isaac Special thanks to Yehuda Zeytim, Gary May and Tzvi Solomons?


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