Home News ISIS threatens global attacks against Chabad centers

ISIS threatens global attacks against Chabad centers

ISIS threatens global attacks against Chabad centers
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Threats made in ISIS leaflet for followers to commit attacks around the world against Chabad centers leads to increase in security measures.

Chabad centers were warned this week that ISIS is threatening global attacks against them and other Jewish institutions worldwide.

In response to the serious security threat, Chabad centers were instructed to be on high alert and keep in touch with police, Collive reported.

The Chabad World Assistance (CWA) organization, based out of Israel, in partnership with the Chabad Office of Security and Emergency Management (COSEM) informed global Chabad centers of the threat by ISIS.

“In recent days, there have been serious threats from ISIS to carry out attacks against various targets around the world, with an emphasis on Jewish houses of worship,” the CWA message said. “The threats were due to an incident of burning of the Koran which took place in Sweden in recent days, as well as the volatile situation with the Muslim community in Israel at this time.”

It recommended, due to the situation, for global Chabad chapters to “increase vigilance and security measures in your surroundings, shuls and Jewish centers.”

CTW also called for Chabad centers to immediately contact police if threats were made and to increase security at synagogues and institution.

The CWA’s Rabbis Shlomo Peles and Moshe Fleishman warned that a recent ISIS leaflet called for their followers to carry out attacks against Jewish targets.

“It is not known about a specific place where, [G-d forbid], they’re planning to attack so we asked all [Chabad emissaries] to increase their vigilance,” they said, according to Collive.

Chabad centers were also instructed to ask security guards to “increase their vigilance,” according to the Jewish Press.

Source: Arutz7


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