Israel Begins Construction Of Maritime Barrier With Gaza

Photo by Defense Ministry Spokesperson on May 27, 2018

Israel Begins Construction Of Maritime Barrier With Gaza

Written by Yona Schnitzer/TPS on May 27, 2018


The Defense Ministry has begun construction of a new maritime barrier adjacent Zikim Beach, just north of the Gaza Strip. The decision to erect the barrier stems from lessons drawn from Operation Protective Edge in 2014, where a squad of Hamas naval commandos were able to infiltrate Israel via the sea.

According to the Defense Ministry, the new barrier is planned to withstand harsh maritime conditions, will be impenetrable, and will last for years. The construction of the barrier is set to be completed by the end of the year.

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“This is the only barrier of its kind in the entire world, which will effectively prevent the option of penetrating Israel from Gaza through the sea,” said Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, “This is yet another blow to Hamas, which will be losing another strategic capability that they have invested a fortune in developing. We will continue to protect the citizens of Israel with strength and sophistication,” he added.


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