Israel, Greek Air Forces Hold Joint Aerial Drills

Photo by courtesy of IDF on June 11, 2018

Israel, Greek Air Forces Hold Joint Aerial Drills

Written by TPS on June 11, 2018


Forty IAF planes from 10 squadrons took part in joint exercises with their Greek counterparts last week. The aerial exercises included long-range flights, training over unfamiliar terrain, aerial refueling and both day- and nighttime operations.

“It was training far from home in an  unfamiliar territory to perform a defined and precise task in very challenging conditions. The drills were successful thanks to our… precise and detailed planning,” said one IAF squadron commander. “We have the ability to (operate) far from home return safely whenever we need to,” he added.

The exercise in Greece coincided with another large-scale IAF training exercise in Israel simulating a scenario in which Israel finds itself engaging adversaries on multiple fronts.

Hundreds of IAF planes and helicopters took part in that exercise, simulating the bombing of hundreds of targets across the Gaza Strip in short periods of time, both during the day and at night, while also rehearsing assistance to ground forces.

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