Israel, US to hold drill simulating strike on Iran nuke sites

U.S. and Israel Air Force craft drill during the "Juniper Oak" 2023 exercise. Credit: CENTCOM.

Another exercise will practice the response to a multi-front missile attack.

Israel and the United States are set to hold a series of joint military exercises in the coming months.

One of the exercises will simulate a coordinated Israeli-U.S. attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, while another is intended to practice the response to a multi-front missile attack, Israel’s Channel 12 cited an unnamed source as saying.

The U.S. military will bring a large number of Patriot surface-to-air missile batteries and other missile interceptor systems to Israel for the exercise, according to the report.

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The Israel Defense Forces has not commented on the matter.

Cooperation between the two militaries was on display last month during the bilateral “Juniper Oak” air forces training exercise.

The drill simulated aerial combat scenarios including attacks deep into enemy territory, achieving air superiority in space and cyber defense against a variety of threats.

“The exercise continues and strengthens the operational cooperation between the armies and takes place as part of the series of exercises of the IDF with the Central Command of the U.S. military,” the IDF said.

In March, the IAF participated in the two-week “Red Flag” training exercise with the USAF over the skies of the U.S. state of Nevada. The U.S. and Israeli air forces conducted daily drills involving nearly 100 aircraft. The exercise was run out of Nellis Air Force Base, located approximately eight miles northeast of Las Vegas.

January’s “Juniper Oak” joint exercise with the IDF and U.S. Central Command, which took place in Israel and the eastern Mediterranean Sea, was the largest exercise conducted with CENTCOM, whose area of responsibility includes the Middle East. More than 140 aircraft, 12 naval vessels and artillery systems from both countries took part.


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