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Israel Warns Citizens Against Travel Destinations

Israel Warns Citizens Against Travel Destinations
The Israeli travel warning map. (National Security Headquarters)

YERUSHALAYIM — Israel’s Counterterrorism Division issued a warning ahead of the Pesach traveling season. The warning states that Iran is still the main source of global terrorism and will continue to use its resources to harm Israeli and Jewish targets around the world.

Countries close to Iran such as the United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Bahrain, as well as Greece, Cyprus and other countries in the Middle East, including the Kurdish region, which Israelis are not allowed to enter, are among the areas with a high probability of terrorist attacks.

In addition, the Counterterrorism Division notes that the Ramadan period coincides in part with Pesach, which may, as in the past, motivate attacks on Israelis abroad.

Israelis visiting the Sinai are also advised to visit only known tourist sites, such as the coastal strip and Sharm el-Sheikh.

In addition, various organizations of global jihad and radical Islam still pose a threat and have called for attacks on Israelis and Jews. These organizations are currently concentrating their activities in Africa, the Middle East and Muslim-majority countries in Asia.

In addition to the Islamist threat, the Counterterrorism Division also warns of neo-Nazi and right-wing extremist groups in Europe and North America.

Source: Hamodia


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