Israeli Ambassador To Ukraine Reaches Agreement To Streamline Border Passage For Uman Pilgrims


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Israel’s ambassador in Kiev, Michael Brodski, held extensive discussions with the commanders of the border controls at the Ukrainian border, and reached initial agreements with them which will ease the arrival of thousands of worshipers on their way to Uman via neighboring countries.

Minister Meir Porush, who had been appointed by the government to oversee the annual pilgrimage to Rabbi Nachman’s tomb in Uman, said that during the discussions it was agreed that the authorities would do what they can to expedite the passage of worshipers. Ukraine has also increased the service at the border crossings and they will be 24/7 during the days before and after Rosh Hashana.

The current agreements follow other agreements reached with Moldova, Poland and Hungary in recent months to ease the border crossings on their side and should enable significant improvement in the time required to cross borders on the way to Uman.

Porush thanked Prime Minister Netanyahu for his intervention but called on the pilgrims to maintain all the guidelines and details required for their passage to Ukraine. Porush also thanked Foreign Minister Eli Cohen for his efforts on behalf of the pilgrims, concluding that “May the prayers by pilgrims at the tomb of Rabbi Nachman be a merit for them [the prime minister and foreign minister] in the coming new year.”

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Source: VosIzNeias


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