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Israeli Spray-on Skin Revolutionizes Burn Treatment

Israeli Spray-on Skin Revolutionizes Burn Treatment
Illustrative: traditional burn treatment. (United with Israel).

Instead of using bulky bandages on burn victims, doctors can now simply spray on a new Israeli invention: a super-thin healing fiber that mimics the structure of human skin to promote faster healing.

Israeli startup Nanomedic Technologies has created a spray-on, skin-like fiber that can be used on burn victims instead of bulky bandages.

Doctors can spray a new super thin protective layer of healing fiber that “bio-mimics” the structure human skin to promote better, faster and safer healing.

Their new Spincare System is based on electro-spinning, which uses electricity to create nano-fibers from a special solution. The fibers are fired like a spider web onto the patient’s skin to cover burns and some other wounds with a protective layer that behaves like skin.

The material is applied to the wounds without touching the patient. This not only reduces the chances of infection but does away with traditional bandages that have to be painfully changed regularly. The sprayed-on “skin substitute” has properties that promote healing and also allow doctors to better observe wounds and easily monitor how they are healing.

“Nanomedic’s pioneering Spincare solution has the potential to dramatically change the process of wound care treatment as we know it,” said Dr. John Harper, PhD, a globally renowned expert in extracellular matrix biochemistry who is a member of the Nanomedic board of directors.

Founded only two years ago, Nanomedic is headquartered in Lod, just south of Ben Gurion International Airport and its machines have already been successfully used to treat patients in Israel and Europe.

Dr. Baljit Dheansa, a burn specialist at Queen Victoria hospital in Sussex, told the Guardian newspaper the product, designed to treat light burns and other wounds, is excellent.

Spincare “does what it promises,” said Dheansa, adding the hospital had agreed to buy
the liquid to generate the nanoskin. He hopes to do further research on its effectiveness.

Israel’s Nanomedic says Spincare covers wounds with a skin-like layer that is easy and quick to apply even in hard-to-dress areas, adheres to all body surfaces and is permeable and breathable. Unlike regular bandages, the skin-like covering does not have to be changed and when the patient has healed enough, it simply peels off.

According to Nanomedic, Spincare improves quality of life by promoting healing, with a significant reduction in pain, the ability to shower and no need for bulky bandages that limit movement.

(United with Israel).


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