Israeli Wound-Closure Technique Aims To Replace Surgical Suturing Worldwide


Israeli Wound-Closure Technique Aims To Replace Surgical Suturing Worldwide



“This article was re-published with permission from – Israeli Innovation News.


Surgical suturing, commonly known as stitching, has been used for sealing wounds closed as far back as 3000 BC in Ancient Egypt. Since then, this medical technique, using a needle to sew two flaps of skin together, has saved patients recovering from injuries or surgery. But it has remained fundamentally unchanged in the past five millennia.

Four years ago, TopClosure, a mechanism that aids the closure and healing of post-traumatic, surgical, acute and chronic skin wounds, burst onto the scene and generated international headlines. Now, this innovative Israeli-invented device is being used in vital organ surgery to save lives, allowing for speedier recoveries and reducing the risk of infection.

Made with a special polymer that’s been tested to be durable and supportive for suture, TopClosure is specifically designed to collapse just before too much tension starts tearing skin tissues, as stitching big wounds may do. The unique method is likely to improve the current suture practice significantly: it can be used before surgery to prepare the skin incisions, during surgery to relieve tension on the skin, and after surgery as additional fastening support along with stitches.

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