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Israel’s Arrow-3 Becomes Operational

Israel’s Arrow-3 Becomes Operational
Iron Dome Air Defense System. Developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aircraft Industries.

Israel’s Arrow-3 Becomes Operational

Written by TPS on January 19, 2017

The IAF has announced its missile defense system (MDS) has entered a new era with the first deliveries of Arrow-3.

Arrow-3 is a state of the art ABM (anti-ballistic missile) developed by IAI and other Israeli aerospace companies that are part of the IMDO (Israeli Missile Defense Organization), responsible for developing Israel’s missile defense capabilities.

Unlike Arrow-2, which uses proximity warhead detonation to destroy incoming missiles, Arrow-3 uses totally different kinetic kill technology.

Arrow-3 can destroy incoming missiles while still in space, before they reenter earth’s atmosphere. Unlike Arrow-2, and most other anti-missile missiles, Arow-3 has “super-maneuverability” capabilities, enabling it to alter its trajectory after launch, to ensure accurate and effective interception of an incoming missile.

Arrow-3 will complete Israel’s multi-layer missile defense system. The system includes Iron Dome, David’s Sling (also called Magic Wand) and Arrow-2.

Iron dome intercepts low-level rockets such as Kassams and Katyushas. David’s Sling intercepts medium range medium altitude missiles. Arrow-2, which has been operational for several years, intercepts ballistic missiles at high atmospheric altitudes. Arrow-3 intercepts ICBMs while still in space, before reentering earth’s atmosphere.


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