Jared and Ivanka Visit Israel, Meet With Families of Hostages


ISRAEL (VINnews) Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump visited Israel, toured kibbutzim that were ravaged by the Hamas terror attack, and met with relatives of hostages.

The couple traveled to Israel to express solidarity as the war against Hamas rages on. Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana accompanied the pair on the first stop of their 24-hour visit.

In Kfar Aza, Trump and Kushner heard from local residents who lived in the community up until the attack.

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One of the residents who met with them, Shachar Schnorman shared that he and his wife were the only residents to return to the community thus far.

One former resident, Chen Kotler, reportedly gave Ivanka a dog tag with the inscription, “Kfar Azza is my home.”

“In this kibbutz, there were 64 people murdered, nineteen were kidnapped, numerous wounded. But the most important thing is that five are still hostages in captivity in Gaza. This says, ‘Kfar Aza is my home,’” Kotler said as she slipped the dog tag into Trump’s ballistic vest. “Hopefully, one day, I can host you in my home.”

Another former resident, Maor Morvia, said, “We must defeat Hamas so that our children can come back here to play in the fields. It must not happen again.”

The couple also heard from Border Police and IDF soldiers who were among those to help save lives and eliminate the Hamas terrorists on October 7, in addition to ZAKA volunteers.

“Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I just have to say it’s very humbling for me to be with you, with the heroic acts that you did,” Kushner said. “What you did had made a massive difference.”

Kushner tweeted about the trip: “Ivanka and I traveled to Israel to bear witness. It’s important to see with one’s own eyes the lingering effects of the barbaric and unspeakable acts of October 7.

“We met with families of those that were kidnapped, including some still in Gaza. We met with several political leaders who are committed to building lasting solutions to intractable problems. With determination, trust, pragmatism and creativity, the previously unthinkable can be accomplished.

“We will pray that the coalition for peace, prosperity, respect and understanding will prevail and create a bright and exciting future for humanity.”


Kushner was at the center of the Trump administration’s amazing success at brokering peace deals in the Middle East, leading the historic Abraham Accords.

Source: VosIzNeias


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