Jerusalem supports France


JERUSALEM – Over 1,000 people took part in a solidarity rally for the French people organized by the Jerusalem municipality. The rally was held today, January 11, at the city council hall. Officials expressed support by the city of Jerusalem, for the French people and the Jewish community in France, in light of last weekend’s horrific terror attacks.

The rally began with a moment of silence, in tribute of the victims that lost their lives during last weekend’s terror attacks. During the moment of silence, hundreds of signs were raised, reading: “Je Suis Charlie” (I am Charlie), “Israel is Charlie” and “Je Suis Juif de France”, I am Jewish and from France.

Mayor Barkat commented that “the terror attack which struck Paris last weekend is an attack on all of us… the entire world can now understand, what we have endured here in Jerusalem and in Israel, murderous terror which is motivated by radical Islam”.

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Barkat called Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo and expressed his condolences on behalf of the residents of Jerusalem. Barkat told Hidalgo: “The people of Jerusalem understand and share your pain. We must not let terror pay-off. Give strength to the residents of Paris, this strength will defeat terror.”

The Jerusalem municipality has announced its intention to hang a huge sign reading in French and English, “Jerusalem est Charlie, Jerusalem Hugs Paris”, in central Jerusalem’s Paris square. In addition, the Jerusalem municipality will hang 1,500 French flags on major roads throughout the city.

Barkat has instructed the Jerusalem municipality to create a special committee, which will help any Jewish citizen of France who wishes to immigrate to Israel. Regarding the subject, Barkat said: “I’ve heard about the feelings of doubt within the Jewish community in France, and I wish to say to my brothers and sisters in France: the gates of Zion are open and the entire Jewish people is at your side”.

Yotam Rozenwald
Tazpit News Agency


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