Jewish Community Leaders Support Elan Carr for U.S. Congress


Jewish Community Leaders Support Elan Carr for U.S. Congress

A group of Jewish Community leaders and activists met with Deputy District Attorney Elan Carr who they feel is the most experienced and qualified Candidate running to replace Congressman Henry Waxman who is retiring.

Elan has outlined his positions on Taxes, Jobs, Education, Healthcare, Immigration, National Defense, Environment, etc.
to view his positions on these important issues visit .

Some background on Elan Carr.
Elan’s mother was a young girl in Iraq when Iraqi authorities arrested her father for being Jewish. She remembers having to leave him behind as she, her mother, and her baby brother fled to Israel as refugees.

Like so many other Israelis, Elan’s mother, his step-father, and his father-in-law each proudly wore the uniform of the Israel Defense Forces and defended, by arms, the right of Israel to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

During the 10 months when he lived and worked in Israel, Elan saw first-hand the ravages of suicide bus bombings, watched as Hizbullah’s rockets rained down on northern Israel, and witnessed the angst felt by Israelis of all ages who struggled daily with existential threats to their families and their country.

When he served as a U.S. Army officer in Iraq, Elan helped to lead an anti-terrorism team in life-saving missions throughout the country. He wrote classified reports on terrorist courses of action and how to defend against them. And then, when his combat tour of duty in Iraq was extended, he prosecuted terrorists who had attacked and injured Americans.

When Elan visits Sderot, as he has done on multiple occasions, he brings a personal understanding of what it is like to hear the scream of a rocket’s tail fin only seconds before feeling the ground heave beneath one’s feet from the terrible force of the explosion.

As the current international president of Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi), Elan has been a leader in opposing efforts to delegitimize Israel on college campuses. He has made it one of AEPi’s top policy priorities to stand strongly with Israel and to oppose the notorious Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movements that are prevalent on college campuses today.

By training hundreds of students to become leaders of the pro-Israel movements on their campuses, AEPi under my leadership has played a central role in opposing and often defeating anti-Israel legislation and activities on campuses throughout North America and Europe.

Elan believes that the United States must stand strongly in support of Israel. He also believes that support for Israel must be a core principle of U.S. foreign policy, must be bi-partisan and unwavering, and must not depend in any way on which Israeli political party is democratically elected to lead Israel’s government.

Elan is married to Dr. Dahlia Carr, a medical doctor specializing in rheumatology and a lifelong Democrat. As a physician in private practice, Dahlia is a small business owner who pays rent and creates jobs in the 33rd District. Having watched reimbursement rates to doctors drop and many doctors drop an increasing number of health insurance plans, Dahlia is deeply concerned about the future of health care in America, and looks forward to joining with Elan in making our health care system work for everyone. Elan and Dahlia live in Los Angeles with their two daughters – Hannah and Rachelle – and have just welcomed their newest addition to the family, a son.

The California Primary Election will be held on June 3, 2014 which is Erev Shavuos. It is recommended that Jewish Voters obtain an absentee ballot and vote in advance so as not to miss voting for all the important candidates and issues in this Election.

(Photo L-R): Arie Mayer, Stanley Treitel, Commissioner Howard Winkler & Yonatan Berdugo
(Photo L-R): Arie Mayer, Stanley Treitel, Commissioner Howard Winkler & Yonatan Berdugo


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