Jews Most Favorably Viewed Religious Group In U.S., Pew Study Says


Judaism is the most favorably viewed religion in the United States, according to a Pew Research Center study, despite a rise in antisemitic incidents across the country, the Washington Times reports.

Jews scored a net +28 rating in the analysis released Wednesday. The study also found that Americans generally view Roman Catholics and mainline Protestants favorably but tend to view Muslims, atheists and Mormons negatively.

Nonevangelicals tend to view evangelical Christians more negatively than positively, the study showed, although evangelicals eked out a 2% net favorable rating when the opinions of “born-again” and evangelical poll responders were factored in.

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The high favorability rating for American Jews comes at a time when criminal and noncriminal acts of hate against Jews have increased. The FBI recently released data for 2021 that showed a 16% rise in antisemitic assaults against Jews and that single-bias anti-Jewish hate crimes — which comprised a little more than half of all religious-based hate crimes — jumped 20% from 683 in 2020 to 817 in 2021.

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