JK Rowling attacks ‘Saint Jeremy’ in biblical tweet


JK Rowling attacks ‘Saint Jeremy’ in biblical tweet

Celebrated author under fire from far-left critics after targeting ‘disciples’ of the Labour leader in Twitter post

JK Rowling has come under fire from hard-left critics for a blistering social media comment she has written, entitled “The Visitation of the Corbynites”.

Written as a Biblical parody, Rowling’s 16 scathing tweets attack “Saint Jeremy” and his “disciples”, whom she calls “the host”.

She devotes two of the tweets to Labour’s problem with antisemitism. She writes: “‘Speak not of the Jews!’ cried the host. ‘Why must thou speak so oft of the Jews?’ ‘Yea, I must speak,’ said she, ‘for when Jews no longer feel safe in Labour then I too must leave.’ And one of the host did shout something about the Rothschilds”.

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That person, remarks Rowling, “was hastily hushed by his brethren, who did declare, ‘he is not one of ours, thou[gh] he sports a #JC4PM [Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister] halo.’ And another did speak and he said, ‘it is not antisemitic to criticise Israel,’ and she did put her face in her hands and want to weep”.

The author, creator of the Harry Potter series for children and a number of adult thriller novels, has been vocal in her criticism of Corbyn’s Labour, not least because she is one of the most high-profile donors to the Labour Party, giving it at least £1 million before Corbyn became leader.

Earlier this year she planted her flag firmly on the side of the Jewish community, speaking out vehemently in support of those at the receiving end of antisemitic abuse, and urging other non-Jews of goodwill to do the same.

Inevitably her latest attack on Corbyn and his supporters has drawn abuse from them, in particular Aaron Bastani, a co-founder of Novara Media, arguably Corbyn’s most ardent fan. He wrote: “You are worth hundreds of millions. It’s kind of reassuring that this is what you choose to do in the run up to Christmas. Money really doesn’t make people happy”.

This drew a sharp response from another tweeter, Armand d’Angour, a professor of classics at Oxford. He replied: “Antisemitism doesn’t make JK Rowling happy. And that makes you feel good?”


Source: Jewish News


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