Joe Biden Unable To Meet ‘Major Challenges’ On Clogged Ports And Snarled Supply Chains


President Joe Biden is still struggling to meet the immediate challenge of clogged sea ports, as American consumers face major shortages ahead of the Christmas holiday season.

The president has been aware of the problems for months, promising in August to monitor the situation and offer solutions.

“My administration is bringing together the port operators, shipping lines, the labor unions, trucking companies, railroads, and others to speed up the port’s operations,” Biden said on August 11.

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He reassured Americans “these bottlenecks and price spikes will reduce as our economy continues to heal” and promised to monitor the situation.

Biden appointed John D. Porcari to as a “Port Envoy” for the administration on August 21, joining Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to try and solve the shipping problems.

But two months later, port delays continue.

There are 146 cargo ships off the California coast waiting to get unloaded, according to reports over the weekend.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday, Buttigieg struggled to offer any reassurance that the Biden administration was making progress as the problem continued to worsen.

“Obviously it’s an incredibly complicated situation,” Buttigieg admitted, posing that the government was handling the problem by holding video conference “roundtables” of private companies, port operators, and labor unions to discuss the problems.

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