Johns Hopkins: Israel’s fatality rate from COVID-19 among lowest in the world

Coronavirus testing. (Wall Street Journal - File).

The country with the highest fatality rate is Great Britain at 15.2 %.

A study released by Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University revealed on Thursday Israel’s fatality rate from the novel coronavirus is among the lowest in the world.

In the grip of a second coronavirus wave, the country is currently classified as a “red zone”, in other words suffering from a high morbidity (infection) rate.

However, the prestigious medical school notes that the death rate – which takes into account the number of deaths relative to the number of infections – is only 0.7%.

The country suffering from the highest fatality rate is Great Britain at 15.2 percent, the Johns Hopkins study claims.

Mexico is in second place with a rate of 11.1 percent followed by Iran (5.5 percent) and Egypt (5 percent).

“Mortality is one of the most important clues to measure the impact of COVID-19 in a country,” the researchers note in their report.

“Differences in mortality figures between countries can be caused by differences in the number of screenings. The more tests that are carried out, the more cases of contamination are identified, which reduces the fatality rate,” they further indicate.

But researchers note that the Jewish state has a particularly high infection rate of 290.6 per million inhabitants, the fifth-highest in the world.

These figures can be explained in large part by the massive screening campaign led by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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