Latest Twitter Files Shows CIA, FBI Have Spent Years Meddling In Content Moderation


The CIA has been meddling in Twitter’s internal content moderation for years, according to the latest dispatches from Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” — which also revealed “mountains of insistent moderation demands” from the Democratic National Committee, but not from the GOP, the NY Post report.

Two separate threads in the ongoing Elon Musk-sponsored deep dive into the social media’s internal documents were released on Shabbos by independent journalist Matt Taibbi, documenting how the platform has frequently bowed to government and political pressure.

On June 29. 2020, Taibbi shows, the FBI’s Elvis Chan — who has played a starring role in past Twitter Files releases — asked company executives to “invite an OGA” to an upcoming conference. “OGA, or ‘Other Government Organization,’ can be a euphemism for CIA, according to multiple former intelligence officials and contractors,” Taibbi explains.

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One week later, Stacia Cardille, a senior Twitter legal executive, made the link explicit. “I invited the FBI and the CIA virtually will attend too,” Cardille wrote to her colleague — and former FBI chief counsel — James Baker on July 8, 2020. “No need for you to attend.” Read more.

Source: Matzav


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