London Hit by Two Antisemitic Assaults in Two Days


Two separate antisemitic incidents in two days occurred in London earlier this week.

On Monday, a man threatened a Jewish man in the Whitechapel district while brandishing a knife.

According to The Evening Standard, the victim was threatened in the street. The assailant then pulled a knife and chased the victim while screaming antisemitic epithets.

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Councillor Nizza Fluss was quoted as saying, “A man started running behind him saying, ‘I’m going to kill you, I’m going to chop your head off.’”

The victim then “saw that he took a knife out and he started running away, he was just running for his life.”

She said the victim was “absolutely traumatized” by the attack.

The Metropolitan Police said the assailant was arrested “for a racially aggravated public order offense.”

On Sunday, a man reportedly shouted, “Kill all Jews,” at Jewish schoolchildren in the Hackney borough, and then attacked a Jewish man.

The Stamford Hill Shomrim security force tweeted that the assailant was arrested and charged with racially-motivated crimes and assault.

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