London sees largest protest against antisemitism since 1936

100,000 take to the streets of London to protest the rise in antisemitism (Photo: The Independent via YouTube)

Boris Johnson–‘What we’ve seen is the re-emergence of antisemitism and the failure to focus on the appalling terroristic events of Hamas.

By World of Israel News Staff

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On Sunday, 100,000 people took to the streets of London to protest against growing antisemitism–the largest march of its kind since 1936.

Among those attending were celebrities and politicians, including former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his sister Rachel, wife, Carrie and four-month child Frank Alfred Odysseus.

The last time such large numbers of people protested against antisemitism in London was in 1936 during the Battle of Cable Street when hundreds of thousands marched against the National Union of Fascists.

Speaking at GB News, Boris Johnson said, “Since October 7, there has been a very peculiar response from many parts of the world including, I’m sad to say, in London. What we’ve seen is the re-emergence of antisemitism and the failure to focus on the appalling terroristic events of Hamas.”

Johnson continued, “I think that the antisemitism we have seen in some of the marches around Europe has really confirmed for me the absolutely human necessity for Israel to exist.”

 It’s estimated that antisemitic events in England have increased 1,300% since the October 7th massacre.

Concerning the event, Jewish actress Maureen Lipman said to The Mail Online, “‘It’s great to come and show support. We don’t want to be here for why we are here, but we have to be here.”

Lipman continued, “As the Jewish community, we’re in shock. There has been a terrible reckoning, it has frightened all of us.”

A spokesperson for the Campaign Against Antisemitism declared, “Week after week, London has become a no-go zone for Jews.”

They referred to increasing criminality, threatening slogans and symbols and glorification of Hamas at Pro-Palestinian rallies.

“The sad truth is that Jews no longer feel safe in our capital city.”

According to recent statistics, 69% of British Jews said they feel they have to conceal their Jewish identity in public, 60% have witnessed an antisemitic incident and 90% admit that they avoid the areas of the city where Pro-Palestinian rallies are being held.

Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, Ephraim Mirvis gave a five-point strategy for dealing with antisemitism.

“Number one, call it out when you see it. Number two, call it by what it really is – Jew hatred.”

“Number three, be vigilant and report every incident. Number four, we must arrest every single perpetrator and bring every single one of them to justice.”

“Number five, we must teach our children that the superheroes of our society are those who pursue peace and loving kindness, and not those who glorify violence and murder, and we must teach people that they must draw their conclusions from historical facts and not from what they see and hear on social media.’

Source: World Israel News


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