Los Angeles Mayor Race Too Close to Call, Could Take Two Weeks


Billionaire Rick Caruso has an early lead against Karen Bass in the Los Angeles mayoral race that remains too close to call. Rick Caruso has 50.2 percent of the vote versus Karen Bass at 49.7 percent. The race will likely not be called yet and could potentially take up to two weeks when factoring in mail-in votes, Breitbart report.

Rick Caruso spoke to his supporters on Tuesday night and thanked them for their enthusiasm while pleading for their patience. “I’m happy to say we’re starting out strong and we’re a couple of thousand votes ahead,” he told the cheering crowds.

Caruso also thanked his family and the people of Los Angeles for being a community that rallied around him. The notoriously liberal rich elite of Los Angeles began shifting their tune on the issue of violent crime this past year after several violent confrontations in wealthy neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, leading to the rise of billionaire Caruso.

Source: Matzav

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