Los Angeles To Refund Parking Tickets


LOS ANGELES (CBS2) — A CBS2 investigative reporthas prompted the city of Los Angeles to refund more than $1.1 million in parking tickets mistakenly doled out to drivers and, just recently, parking officials were caught still handing out unnecessary fines.

The city issued 12,656 tickets from December 2013 through November 2014 in areas where motorists shouldn’t have been cited. CBS2’s David Goldstein and his investigative team used hidden cameras late last year to bring it to light.

When Goldstein presented the findings to L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, he was less than thrilled: “I’m pissed!”

And Traffic Officer Sonja Miller said it made her more vigilant about the tickets she writes: “Yes, sir, that’s why we check. That’s why we check because we saw your story. We always check.”


Full Article and to o see if your ticket qualify for a refund click here.


  1. I’ve got a better idea. Rather than refund tickets, let our legislators pass a law banning off street parking. I live in a slum neighborhood where parking is impossible after 3 p.m. Yet there’s always off street parking on Thursdays and Fridays — and no place to park. And did you notice that off street parking doesn’t exist in the wealthy neighborhoods, only in the slums. If I had money, I’d challenge the offstreet parking laws in court. Unfortunately I don’t and that’s why I live in a slum with unethical and immoral offstreet parking regulations.

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