Man arrested for stabbing Boston rabbi described as violent anti-Semite by college roommates

Khaled Awad is led into court for his arraignment on July 2, 2021. (Mary Schwalm/The Boston Herald via AP, Pool)

Jewish roommate obtained restraining order against Khaled Awad after being assaulted in their dorm.

By World Israel News Staff

College roommates of the man arrested for the stabbing of Israeli Rabbi Shlomo Noginski in Boston told local media that Khaled Awad was “very much anti-Semitic,” and “violent.”

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Awad, an Egyptian national, is accused of pulling a gun on Noginski on Thursday, then stabbing the rabbi eight times when he tried to flee. Awad reportedly pointed a gun at responding police before he was taken into custody. The attack took place outside the Shaloh House, a synagogue and day school where the Chabad-affiliated rabbi and father of 12 taught.

Aiden Anderson and Eric Valiente, who roomed with Awad at the University of Southern Florida, told Boston’s CBSN News that Awad’s dark attitude and violent disposition became apparent early on.

At first, said Anderson, “We were friends, to be honest with you. I’m Jewish. And he knew that since I moved in.”

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“He was very much anti-Semitic,” said Valiente. “He would say like all types of Jewish jokes. I thought he was joking at first and then I started to see seriousness in his comments.”

In the fall of 2020, the situation escalated beyond anti-Semitic jokes when Awad attacked Anderson in their shared kitchen. Anderson moved out of the dorm and even obtained a restraining order against Awad.

Anderson and Valiente said they didn’t know why Awad moved to Boston. Immigration and Customs Enforcement told Fox News that Awad had overstayed his student visa and lost his legal status in May. ICE has requested to take Awad into custody when legal proceedings against him are complete.

Local prosecutors are investigating the case as a hate crime. “We have to recognize that anti-Semitism is on the rise and we need to hold people accountable when they do this so that they are made an example of,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins.


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