Man Arrested For Terrorizing South Florida Jews With Knives And Racism


A man is fearing for his life after becoming the target of hate by a neighbor who terrorized his South Florida neighborhood by yelling racial and anti-Semitic slurs, WJNO reports.

On Monday, neighbors grew concerned about the behavior of the suspect, who lives on Northeast 179th Street in North Miami Beach. One of the neighbors, identified as Aaron, tells WSVN “as I’m walking, I notice a crazed man holding kitchen knives, cursing us out, yelling antisemitic slurs, and he started chasing us. He had kitchen knives in both hands, and he started lunging towards us, threatening to stab us and kill us. He seemed like he just lost it, just snapped.”

Police say the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Christopher Luke Tika Singh, was arrested after threatening five people in the neighborhood while “screaming and yelling, ‘All Jews and [n-word] are going to die tonight.’”

Tika Singh was charged with five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with prejudice.


Source: Matzav

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