Man Performed Nazi March, Threatened to Burn Rabbi Outside Bais Yaakov of Chicago


A neo-Nazi in Chicago has been arrested and charged after performing a Nazi march and yelling “Heil Hitler!” before threatening to burn a rabbi in a gas oven outside Bais Yaakov High School of Chicago.

The incident began around 11 am on Sunday when 69-year-old Jay Bollyn approached a person near the school’s fence and asked if he was Jewish before spouting off anti-Semitic comments. Seeing the altercation unfold, a rabbi from the school then stepped outside the building to intervene.

Bollyn then directed his ire at the rabbi, threatening to burn him in a gas oven, lunging towards him, and even boasting that he’s a Nazi – including showing off his “Nazi haircut.”

When police arrived, Bollyn was doing Nazi marches in front of the school after having shouted “Heil Hitler!”

Bollyn is now facing two counts of felony hate crimes and two misdemeanors.

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Source: The Yeshiva World


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