Massive Kosherfest Food Fair and Exhibition Shutting Down for Good


Kosherfest – long the largest kosher food exhibition – announced Wednesday that it is discontinuing what has been referred to as “the world’s biggest kiddush” due to declining interest.

“Due to today’s changing supermarket category manager buying responsibilities and the elimination of the kosher buyer in many major supermarket chains, exhibitors feel Kosherfest has run its course and there is no longer significant ROI to justify exhibiting at the show,” organizers wrote in a statement.

“Within supermarket chains, the kosher food category increasingly falls under the grocery buyer’s responsibility. As this buyer is responsible for sourcing and purchasing a wide array of products, they are more likely to attend food events displaying items not just exclusive to kosher. A certified kosher only food show such as Kosherfest is too niche for their attendance,” it added.

Established in 1989, Kosherfest included an exhibition hall, lectures, cooking demonstrations, a culinary competition between celebrity chefs, and new product awards. It was considered a showcase for food trends and innovations in the kosher-certified food industry. The events were closed to the public, but admitted manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, buyers, caterers, retail stores, and media personnel, including photographers and food bloggers.

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Source: (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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