Misameach Cruise Sails Again With Many Superstars




Misameach families spent a beautiful fun filled evening aboard a luxury cruise ship on the Hudson River, where they experienced a much-needed dose of joy, entertainment and inspiration. Due to Covid restrictions, we had two shifts and each had hot food, singers, jugglers and clowns. The music, singing, dancing and geshmake ruach was felt by young and old!

The beautiful weather and the stunning views all added to the experience. The volunteers sang and danced nonstop. The energy on the boat was palpable. Misameach’s annual cruise has become a highlight for the families and they look forward to it all year.

Volvi Brown and Friendly Urgent Care who sponsored this year’s cruise, as well as the dozens of volunteers, food sponsors, singers, entertainers and producers all went above and beyond to make this cruise especially special. Liberty Landing Marina and their courteous staff were very helpful and instrumental in getting the cruise off to a great start. The medical team on board was headed by Dr. Zemel and assisted by Simcha Shain and Ozer Dessler. Thanks to the National Chaplain Association and the Jersey City Police Department who were so kind and came to entertain the children. Rabbi Goldwasser, with his warm and caring demeanor, gave parents and children chizzuk. By Misameach’s request, OHAD changed his travel plans and came in earlier than planned for the Misameach cruise. Thanks to Aron Teitelbaum Productions for helping out with this matter. Shmili Unger, Uncle Moishy, Yehuda Green, Dovid Perlman, David Haziza sang and entertained the families on the cruise for hours nonstop. They had the people singing along and joining in enthusiastically. The Zaltz band headed by Shloimy Zaltzman and Chezky Herzog with Nesanel Hershkopf on the violin was awesome. Stellar Productions and Moishe Zuckerman lent the sound system and we had Baba Z as sound engineer. They all worked together to make the entertainment run smoothly. MC Moe Rabi kept the cruise staff, volunteers and guests entertained. LRBC and Oorah were kind enough to lend us their vehicles to use as transportation, which was extremely helpful. Nussi Friedman with the Nussi Show and his juggling acts was super. Yossi Rosenthal spent the day of his birthday taking pictures of the families and making lasting memories pro bono as always with his Magnet Memory. These people enjoy doing things for others and making them happy!

The volunteers who spent hours setting up and the décor, and the whole atmosphere was amazing. Hot supper was served to all as well as delicious ices dessert sponsored by Klein’s Ice Cream. There was snow cones, crafts and face painting for the children, jugglers and magicians doing their tricks and of course gift bags for each family.

“Last night was AMAZING!!!! We are still on such a high from it! You can’t imagine what it does for our family! It’s our fuel to go on! Thank you, thank you and thank you again!!!” Many who enjoyed the cruise, the entertainment, the chance to get away, the fresh air, the beautiful weather and the stunning views, expressed these sentiments.  The feedback keeps coming in! The 2021 cruise was spectacular and an event that the families will remember for a long time and are already looking forward to next year’s cruise in Yerushalayim!


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