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Misameach Goes West: New Los Angeles Multi-Media Lending Library Launched

Misameach Goes West: New Los Angeles Multi-Media Lending Library Launched

With the launching of their state of the art multimedia lending library in Los Angeles, Misameach reached a new milestone in caring and bringing joy to the life of patients across the country. The West Coast  library, servicing the hospitalized and homebound of the Los Angeles community  is the fourth branch of Misameach’s legendary DVD library, joining its existing counterparts in Boston, Lakewood and North Carolina. The new kosher  library features hundreds of titles, from the entertaining to the educational, from informative to inspirational. Jewish hits such as Uncle Moishy, HASC concerts, Leah Forster, Machon plays and more provide hours and hours of viewing time for children and adults, men and women.

Misameach is an organization comprised of a devoted core of volunteers who have made it their mission to alleviate the suffering of seriously ill children and their families in whatever way they can. Misameach stops at nothing to bring a smile to a patient’s face with their myriad programs, events and activities.

With a song, a dance, and sometimes nothing more than a caring heart, Misameach has succeeded in changing lives and spreading joy wherever they go. Misameach has grown in scope, from a group of volunteers making the rounds of local hospitals and cheering up patients with song and dance, to a well rounded organization with a veritable treasure house of options available for the ill and their family. Aside for the expansive libraries, some of the unique programs and resources that Misameach offers are:

  1. Live entertainment: The original focus of the organization, and still the largest and most active department is the live entertainment. Volunteers will visit sick children with costumes, with musical instruments and whatever else it takes to bring a smile to these suffering faces. They bring jugglers and comedians, magicians and entertainers. They sing and dance with these patients; they  perform and provide live music, in homes and hospitals, bringing hope to these suffering hearts and alleviating some of the emotional anguish endured on a daily basis.
  2. Outings and Events: Misameach coordinates various recreational trips for patients, and at times their families as well. Recent events include a tour of Newark Airport, a three hour cruise in the Hudson River with world renowned singers and entertainers, an afternoon at Bounce U, and other thrilling expeditions. These events give families a momentary reprieve from the crushing burden they bear on a daily basis and provide children with a shot at normalcy, a day of fun and excitement in an otherwise bleak existence.
  3. Gifts: Nothing can brighten the day of a child, even one afflicted with the most devastating illnesses, like a brand new prize or toy. Misameach distributes hundreds of presents a month to children languishing in hospitals. Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, or just because, volunteers make the rounds of local hospitals, distributing age appropriate gifts of toys, games, prizes and electronics to patients.
  4. Hands-On Activities:  Upon request, volunteers will run personal craft workshops at patients’ bedsides, including woodworking, food decorating and various other crafts, activities and games. Many of these workshops are given by professional craft teachers who devote their skills and their efforts to bringing a ray of light into the lives of these bedridden children.
  5. Dream-Come-True Program – Misameach endeavors to accommodate the special requests of seriously ill children, arranging special trips as well as visitations and correspondence with celebrities. Participating celebrities have included President Barack Obama; Governor Mitt Romney; Yehudah Green, renowned soul performer; Mordechai ben David, the “King of Jewish Music”; and noted radio personality and commentator Mark Levin.

Short of actually curing a child of his illness, Misameach spares no effort in ensuring the greatest quality of life for every patient in its care. Working professionally with community leaders and medical personnel, Misameach remains wholly devoted to it selfless mission of bringing a smile to ailing lips and hope to suffering hearts.

“Nothing gives us greater pleasure than that of seeing a sick child smile,” says Mr. Lipa Schwartz, founder and director of Misameach.

For countless children and their families, Misameach is a miracle. Misameach gives them a reason to wake up in the morning, lending a spring to thier step and a relief from the all-pervasive pain. Misameach gives its patients  a reason to smile when they’ve lost all will to muster up any semblance of joy. For so many suffering children, Misameach is more than just an organization. They are a lifesaver.

To contribute to this worthy organization contact (732) 905-9191, (877) 905-8181 or misameach@misameach.org. Visit their website at www.misameach.org


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