Missionaries target Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem and meet success, says deputy mayor

Christian missionaries Ari and Shira Sorko Ram. (YouTube/Maoz Israel/Screenshot)

The Christian missionaries operate not only among assimilated Jews, but also within the religious communities, King said, adding that over 30,000 Israelis were converted.

By World Israel News Staff

In an interview with Israel National News (INN), Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Arieh King discussed Christian missionaries’ claims of success in converting tens of thousands of Jewish Israelis to believers in Christ, including from the religious Zionist community.

King said that at the Pentecost 2023 event that took place outside the Temple Mount on May 28, he and some others who were with him spoke to a man named Chad Holland, a Messiance Jew in Jerusalem, who said that there are approximately 20-30,000 others like him in Israel.

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“He added that there are many more who have not revealed that they accepted Jesus as their leader and as their idol, and they do it in hiding,” King told INN.

“He also said that they operate within the religious communities in Jerusalem. This is something that was revealed to us for the first time.”

King continued: “Another woman who was interviewed there said that they send children with missionary material to kindergartens, and through them they attract the Jewish children to stories about ‘that man.’”

Indeed, in 2020, for example, a missionary was fined thousands of shekels after aggressively proselytizing to Jewish children.

According to King, it has become clear that missionaries succeed not only with assimilated Jews or those with no religious education; all Jews, even the religious – whether haredi or Modern Orthodox – are targets.

“It could very well be that he [Holland] was merely boasting to raise funds, but I can testify, as someone who walks the streets of Jerusalem a lot, that the number is much greater than before the coronavirus,” King said. “I hear about materials in mailboxes in every neighborhood in the city…

“When you can reach so many people, you would have to be well-connected. He may be from Paris, but there is no doubt that there is a much larger number of Messianic Jews and missionaries on the streets of Jerusalem.”

In a video post on Hebrew-language Tovnews1, King said there are over 30,000 Jews who were influenced by missionaries to convert to Christianity – in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and other areas of the country. The missionaries “use their children to befriend Jewish children and influence them… They are very, very dangerous and very, very cunning, and use any means possible” to fulfill their agenda.


At the Pentecost 2023 event, one could see groups of children entering the building.

Source: World Israel News


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