Moishy Guitar – Shefa | TYHnation [Official Lyric Video]


Purim is a time of giving – this year let’s look up and ask Hashem for a little Shaloch Manos, we all need it! TYH Nation teamed up with Moshe Guitar; a big voice and an even bigger Neshoma, with one goal in mind – to inspire Yidden! So let’s sing, let’s dance, and let’s ask Hashem for SHEFA AD BLI DAI! Credits Artist: Moshe Guitar Composition: The Blumstein Brothers Production: Yitzy Berry and Eli Klein Choir: The Shira Choir, arranged by Eli shprie Vocal production: Gershy Schwarcz @Edgware Studios Lyric Video: Mendy Portnoy PR: Tomer Cohen Branding Media & Public Relations Cover Art: Yakov Josephy #shefa?? #thankyouhashem?? #newjewishmusic?? #purim?? #purim2021?? #newsong?? #mosheguitar?? #mosheschwartz?? #moshyguitar?? #tyhnation??

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