“Molotov Kite” Causes Huge Blaze Near Gaza Border


“Molotov Kite” Causes Huge Blaze Near Gaza Border

Written by Yona Schnitzer/TPS on May 02, 2018

A kite carrying a fire bomb launched from Gaza, caused a fire in a field belonging to Moshavei Hanegev – an agricultural co-op owned by the surrounding towns

Several fire crews were fighting the blaze which several acres of crops on fire amid soaring temperatures.

Palestinians have been launching kites carry fire bombs for the past several weeks, causing extensive damage to agriculture in the area. The use of kites began during violent weekly Palestinian protests labelled The March of Return in which over 40 people have been killed, most of them, according to Israeli sources, affiliated with Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

“We must remind the Palestinian human rights groups that igniting fields is violence. Violence which has already caused massive financial damage and is endangering lives,” The head of the Merhavim Regional Council, Shai Hajaj said in response to the fires.

“The igniting of fields by use of ‘molotov kites’ has become a daily occurence and is no longer contained to the March of Return demonstrations on Fridays. We demand that the IDF put an end to this violence!”


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