Mordechai Shapiro – V’nikeisi [Music Video]


Mordechai Shapiro Releases Cover of Nochi Krohn’s V’nikeisi

Since his Debut as the star soloist of the Miami Boys Choir in 1997,
Mordechai Shapiro has continued to inspire crowds world wide with his
music. His first video on youtube “Rachem” sung with Yaakov Shwekey
received over a million hits combined and his most recent music video
“Ani Maamin”  has over 100,000 views.

Mordechai is currently working on his debut album with producers Sruly
Meyer and Avram Zamist, which will feature songs from many of the top
composers in the industry. Before you get to enjoy the songs from this
upcoming album, Mordechai and his team wanted you to get a taste of
what is to come, with this cover of the Nochi Krohn classic.

This incredible song, first featured on The Nochi Krohn Band’s debut
album “Ananim” is a favorite of many Jewish music fans, we hope you
enjoy this rendition.

The song, originally composed by Nochi Krohn, was arranged by Tzvi
Blumenfeld, and features the very talented Yedidim Choir. The song was
mixed by Chaim Gottesman, and is available as a free download at

Video by Matchstick Film Company. For bookings or other information
please call 845.642.5580 or go to


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