Moshe Feiglin Visits The Temple Mount


Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin on his scheduled monthly ascent to the Temple Mount, as filmed by Muslims. Muslim organizations associated with and funded by the Islamic Movement of Israel and Hamas photograph, film and post on social media every Jew who ascends the Temple Mount, apparently with the intention of intimidating the Jewish worshipers.

Moshe Feiglin can be seen in these video clips approaching and then ascending the Rama – the heightened platform upon which the Dome of the Rock currently stands. (As a Member of Knesset and official representative of the government of Israel Moshe has been granted rabbinical approval for entering this area, which is currently not approachable by other Jews,) The Dome of the Rock is built upon the precise location of the Holy Temple. Moshe is then seen exiting the Temple Mount while still facing the place of the Holy Temple, a sign of respect and reverence for G-d.

Muslims can be heard screaming allahu achbar, again, with the intention of intimidating Jewish worshipers.

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