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Nazareth resident indicted for transferring millions to Islamic Jihad

Nazareth resident indicted for transferring millions to Islamic Jihad
Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists at a gathering in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, for commander Khaled Mansour, who was killed during the IDF's "Operation Breaking Dawn," Aug. 8, 2022. Photo by Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90. Facebook Twitter

The money was intended to support the families of imprisoned and slain terrorists.

Israel’s Southern District Attorney’s Office announced on Sunday it has filed an indictment against a Palestinian man accused of transferring around 4 million shekels ($1.067) to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.

The money was employed to support the families of the organization’s members in Israeli prisons and of its terrorists killed while carrying out attacks, the prosecution said.

According to the indictment, Nasim Nasser from the Gaza Strip, who has been residing illegally in Nazareth since 2019, facilitated the transfer of salaries belonging to Gazan workers in Israel to their families. In exchange for his services, Nasser took a commission. In 2020, Nasser allegedly entered into an agreement with a Hamas operative to transfer money to Islamic Jihad’s headquarters in Jenin, intended as a reward for the families of prisoners and slain terrorists.

Nasser was caught with 60,000 shekels ($16,000).

The indictment accuses him of several offenses, including providing services or means to a terrorist organization and illegally entering and residing in Israel.

Authorities were closely monitoring Nasser’s activities, leading to the subsequent investigation and indictment.

The Gaza-based Islamic Jihad lost a number of its senior commanders to Israel Air Force targeted strikes during a five-day war (“Operation Shield and Arrow”) in May.


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