Home News Los Angeles ‘Nazi Salute,’ ‘Antisemitic Slurs’ Reportedly Hurled at L.A. Jewish High School Football Team

‘Nazi Salute,’ ‘Antisemitic Slurs’ Reportedly Hurled at L.A. Jewish High School Football Team

‘Nazi Salute,’ ‘Antisemitic Slurs’ Reportedly Hurled at L.A. Jewish High School Football Team


Members of a Jewish high school football team endured “antisemitic slurs” and “gestures, including the Nazi salute” after Thursday night’s game in Los Angeles, according to school officials.

Sarah Shulkind, head of school at Milken Community School, a private Jewish high school in Los Angeles, wrote to parents that that it was “unacceptable” that the Jewish grade school students “felt threatened and unsafe” during the incident, and stressed “deep concern” from the school.

“Our football team experienced a variety of antisemitic language and gestures, including the Nazi salute mostly from the stands, although a couple of the opposing players were involved as well,” she explained.

Milken school officials said they contacted the opposing team’s school, Noli Indian School, which is a private Los Angeles-area 6-12 grade school that is located on the Soboba Indian Reservation.
According to the Milken School, Noli School officials “expressed regret” for the actions of their students and began the conversation with “an unequivocal statement of apology and a pledge to follow through with a plan of disciplinary action, education, and repair”:

Throughout the conversation, the leadership of Noli Indian Academy continually expressed regret and sorrow for the actions of their students and community members, committing to discipline and education to combat ignorance and hatred.

In a statement to Breitbart News, Noli School Principal Donovan Post said of Thursday night’s incident that there is “simply no place in a decent society for expressions of hate,” and that “unjust behavior” would be “addressed immediately”:

Noli Indian School has zero tolerance for any hate speech or hate actions, and strongly condemns any form of either. Any unjust behavior within our community will be addressed immediately and thoroughly. There is simply no place in a decent society for expressions of hate.

In a subsequent email to parents, Shulkind praised the “positive conversations we have had with the tribal elders and leadership of Noli Indian School,” and said that Milken students had expressed an interest in sharing Jewish culture and history with the students of Noli as a way to build understanding and tolerance.

The antisemitic incident came two weeks after Hamas terrorists launched the “worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust,” killing over 1,400 people in Israel. Hamas continues to hold many hostages, including Americans.

Milken students jumped into action to support Israel after the October 7 Hamas terror attacks. The Jewish Journal reported Wednesday:

At Milken Community School, students and faculty have busied themselves with hanging Israeli flags throughout the school campus; connecting with alumni who are currently living overseas; and organizing town hall sessions.

The school’s senior class president asked for permission to attend the StandWithUs rally, bringing along several classmates. On Oct. 15, a teen-led vigil at Valley Beth Shalom was organized by two students from Milken and two students at de Toledo High School.

“In all the darkness, the students have really been the light of it,” Shulkind told the publication. “Their strength, resolve and dedication to Israel is really powerful.”

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Source: Breitbart


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