Netanyahu: Israeli Missiles Can Reach Entire Middle East


Netanyahu: Israeli Missiles Can Reach Entire Middle East

Speaking today at the state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries near Tel Aviv and standing in front of a display of weapons that he had just toured, Israeli Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu said, “This is an offensive force that belongs to the State of Israel and is relevant for all of our different fronts,” according to a report by Jerusalem Post, SPUTNIK NEWS reports.

“They develop offensive missiles here that can reach any place in the region and any target,” he said.

The prime minister, who is also Israel’s defense minister following the November 14 resignation of Avigdor Lieberman, said, “There is a group of minds and people here who develop the best of the defenses needed for the State of Israel. This includes micro satellites that are fired into space and some missiles that you see here behind me. Space is a huge field that the State of Israel is entering.”

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Source: Matzav


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