New Eruv Truck for LA Eruv Urgently Needed


 New Eruv Truck for LA Eruv Urgently Needed

Twenty two years ago, we set out to create an Eruv for the city of Los Angeles that the community could be proud of, and confident in using.  It took seven years to get all of the approvals from the city, the state and the federal government, to get approvals from the leading rabbinic authorities, to raise the money for construction and eventually build our eruv.

 Our Eruv has been live now for over 14 years.   It is the largest, most rigorously designed, constructed eruv in America, and has served as the model for more than a dozen eruvim built over the past decade.    Our Eruv is over 100 square miles, with 45 miles of fences, walls, doorways and connectors.   There is no gap in our perimeter over 10 inches wide, and in 14 years we have only been “Down” twice.

 We have a team of rabbis who inspect the perimeter every week,  and our own repair and construction crew who spend Thursday nights making repairs, workarounds and upgrades. Our crew relies upon a monster lift truck to reach the poles, fences trees and other structures that connect the eruv.   Our truck is now 45 years old, and has served faithfully.  But now it is dead.   Earlier this month the hydraulic system failed, and then the engine itself finallysurrendered.  We need to replace the truck and provide our crew with the tools that they need to keep the eruv working for you and your family.

 We have identified a truck at a great price and have put down a deposit to hold it.   Now we need to raise $46,000 to pay for it.  The truck is$39,500 plus tax, plus  incidentals to outfit it for safe and productive use.

 If you think that it is important for our community to have young families, and for those families to participate in Shabbos then you understand why we

need to keep the Eruv up and running.   Every young family that goes to shul, to Kiddush, to a simcha, to a friend’s house for lunch or a long Shabbos afternoon playdate is counting on you.

The Eruv Truck GoFundMe campaign is now live.  Pleae click on the link below:


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