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New Hampshire city vandalized with multiple swastikas

New Hampshire city vandalized with multiple swastikas
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Swastika graffiti that began appearing shortly before Rosh Hashanah condemned by city residents at weekend show of solidarity.

Over the weekend, the city of Laconia, New Hampshire condemned the unknown individuals who defaced multiple areas of the city with swastikas, beginning the Friday before Rosh Hashanah and then in a second incident later last week.

Residents held a vigil on Sunday afternoon at a local park to denounce hate and antisemitism, WMUR reported.

The event came after the Laconia Police Department announced that besides picnic tables across Laconia, the Laconia Library had also been vandalized with the Nazi symbol.

Laconia Mayor Andrew Hosmer praised city residents for coming together in a show of solidarity against the antisemitic graffiti.

“What it points out is the strength of this community, that these individual acts of vandalism, whether it’s based on just mischievous youngsters or whether its ignorance, antisemitism,” Hosmer said.

According to Laconia Police Chief Matthew Canfield a criminal investigation has been opened into the vandalism.

Police are also reviewing video for evidence.

“[The detective unit] in the process of analyzing that and looking for further information to hopefully put together some further leads,” he said.

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