New Info On Kleinerman Case: Searches To Resume In Meron Area

IDF spokesperson

Searches for Moishe Kleinerman are expected to resume on Monday in the Meron area following the finding of new DNA evidence tied to the case.

Moishe was last seen in the Meron area about nine months ago.

The information is not a dramatic development in the case but the police are examining any information that has the slightest possibility of shedding light on Moishe’s disappearance.

“The Kleinerman family expects Israel Police to turn over every stone, literally, in order to put an end to the painful case,” a statement from the family said. “The family is grateful to all those involved in the work, police officers and volunteers alike, and thanks Am Yisrael for the tefillos and assistance and the ratzon to bring Moishe home.”

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As YWN reported, the police last week did not request an extension of the gag order on the Kleinerman case for the first time in six months.

Moishe’s mother told the press that despite all the efforts of Israel Police, IDF, Israel Dog Unit, and other professional bodies, not a single clue has been found yet on the cause of Moishe’s disappearance.

Source: (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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