New Website To Help All Shuls


Parnes Batei Knesses Program Takes Next Step by Launching New Website

 Due to the overwhelming response to Parnassah Network’s new Parnes Batei Knesses program, a new website has been launched to help shuls sign up easily and enjoy a comprehensive resource through which to facilitate the program. is dedicated exclusively to the Parnes Batei Knesses program, which was introduced at the recent Agudath Israel of America convention. It offers a simple online form for new kehillos to sign gabbaim up for the program, as well other program information and resources. The gabbaim will each be dedicated to help members of their kehillah maximize their success in parnassah, and work with gabbaim in other shuls towards this end.

Never in memorable history has our community had such a broad network of parnassah assistance at the grassroots level. Shuls of all sizes and demographics, from throughout the New York region and well beyond, have already taken steps to join the program. The networking of such a broad and diverse group of askanim and resources for a common cause has created an enviable synergy and promises to open many new windows of opportunity for our brethren.

The addition of the website is expected to further ramp up enrollment. Organizers will be able to more easily communicate with member gabbaim, and facilitate their professional training and other innovative resources for them to best serve their friends and neighbors.

There is no kehilla amongst us that does not have a significant number of members who would benefit immensely from this program and are eagerly awaiting to see who their gabbaim will be. Our community is moving ahead.

If your shul hasn’t joined yet, now is the time. Everyone will be helped.

For more information or to join, please visit or email


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