New York: Judge Denies Permission For Sleepaway Camps To Operate

Jewish kids demonstrating for sleepaway camps.

In a disappointing development on Monday, a federal judge ruled to deny New York sleepaway camps to operate this summer.

The story began on June 12, when NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his decision to shut down all sleepaway camps this summer due to COVID-19.

Cuomo then reiterated his decision on June 13. “Summer camps we have studied with a great deal of diligence because it involves children,” Cuomo said at a press conference. “Sleepaway camps have a much higher level of risk than day camps.”

Jewish community leaders were quick to criticize the decision, citing the importance of summer camps for childrens’ wellbeing. Others also pointed out the apparent haziness surrounding the exact difference of risk between day camps, which the city is allowing,
and sleepaway camps.

The Association of Jewish Camp Operators eventually brought a federal lawsuit to challenge Cuomo’s decision, and followed up by filing for a temporary restraining order on the Governor’s action.

However, today the judge ruled in favor of the Governor’s position, upholding the ban on New York sleepaway camps from opening this summer. Here is the final paragraph of the judge’s ruling:


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