NONSTOP HATE: Trump’s Friend Kanye Praises Hitler, Says “We Have to Stop Dissing Nazis”


Does anyone still think Kanye West is not an anti-Semite? In a bizarre appearance on the Alex Jones Show, the disgraced rapper attacked Jews and heaped praise on Adolf Hitler – being so outrageous even the outrageous Jones found himself flustered.

“I see good things about Hitler, also,” Kanye said. “I love everyone. This guy invented highways, the microphone, every human has something of value they brought to the table, especially Hitler. Also, Hitler was born Christian.”

“They did good things too,” Kanye said of the Nazis. “We have to stop dissing Nazis all the time. The Jewish media has made us feel like the Nazis and Hitler have never offered anything of value to the world.

Using also used a fishing net and a bottle of Yoohoo chocolate milk to portray Bibi Netanyahu, Kanye did a terrible imitation of the former Israeli prime minister, using a high-pitched voice.

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Can anyone still defend Donald Trump’s friendship and meeting with this wannabe monster?

Source: (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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