Now they tell us Biden is unfit. Now?

US media (File).

It is now the consensus that Biden does not know where he is,
what he is, or what he’s doing. The media sold him to us – spare
us their regrets. Op-ed.

Who’s sorry now?

Just about all of them throughout the media who used their immense powers of persuasion to unseat Trump and then to foist Joe Biden into the White House. That’s who.

Now they’re sorry.

Back then they colluded to sell us damaged goods. They lied. They cheated. They coerced.

Biden, they insisted, shall be your president.

Who says so? We do… The New York Times along with the rest of the media, print and broadcast, and Big Tech.

All were in it together to give American voters no choice. Seldom, if ever, has any candidate been so fully manufactured, as was Biden.

For four years plus, they smeared Trump while cleansing Biden. To know the truth, that Biden is a corrupt, mediocre, empty suit unfit for any office would be for us to figure out – when?

When it was too late.

Now that he’s got everything wrong about Afghanistan, the same media that romanced Biden have now turned against him.

They have no choice now that it is so obvious that Biden is so roundly pathetic.

Even his staunchest supporters, like Joe Scarborough, are on to the fact that they erred terribly. Biden was always nothing more than a small-time Delaware politician.

Being that, he was also a big-time opportunist, and so, rather than stick to his convictions, if he ever had any, he chose to run and serve as a gopher for the radical left.

He’d be their man for the hysterias of global warming and systemic racism.

That made him the perfect candidate… but now, as president, when it counts, it is a different story. Names are being taken. Legacies are being built. Every action is scrutinized.

So soon, but Biden’s name is already firmly tarnished. Some day, by the numbers, we will know how many people he left behind and at the whims of the Taliban and ISIS.

Preceding presidents were also wrong on Afghanistan. But for the sloppy and deadly exit, that is all on Biden. He owns this.

It is now the consensus, across the board, that Biden does not know where he is, what he is, or what he’s doing.

He orders out the military from Afghanistan…forgetting, oops, the civilians left behind. So now the military has to go back in again…with this caveat.

Due to the hasty retreat, not our generals, but the Taliban run the show. Our generals? They’re just taking orders, we suppose, from their commander in chief who, from the looks of it, is so foggy, he most likely emerged from another nap. This is not a president who inspires trust or confidence from generals or the general public.

They covered for Joe from miscue to miscue, until he finally made a decision so awful that it could not be covered up.

So yes, Biden is the disaster many of us saw coming. But we don’t run the newspapers or the networks.

David Remnick runs The New Yorker magazine and this was the headline he used when Trump won the 2016 Election – “An American Tragedy.”

How does that swallow now in 2021?

Or maybe The New Yorker was some four/five years too early with that estimation and had the wrong guy.

They all had the wrong guy.

The Selling of Joe Biden was entirely media fixed. Hunter’s follies, which implicated both the son, Hunter, and father, Joe, is a story of corruption at the highest levels, and which the New York Post carried fact for unrivaled fact, but never reached the Establishment Media… too hot to handle for Joe’s sake… and for telling the truth, Twitter banned the Post altogether.

So they covered and covered up for Joe from miscue to miscue, flattered him, until he finally made a decision so awful that it could not be covered up.

Time has expired to keep blaming Trump. Biden gave it a shot, nice try, but even that tanked. Even the roll-over media now wanted Joe to man-up.

Spare me their regrets.

We are stuck with him and the damage has been done.

But never should we buy anything that they’re selling.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

(Arutz 7).

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