Home News Media Official Music Video by NACHAS performing Badaboom

Official Music Video by NACHAS performing Badaboom

Official Music Video by NACHAS performing Badaboom

Official Music Video by NACHAS performing Badaboom

Badaboom is fresh, explosive and a first in Jewish Music. NACHAS’ vision is to bring Jewish Music into a new era, an era where our youth especially, are excited about kosher entertainment in a world offering so many exciting and detrimental alternatives at the tip of the finger. Backed by leading Rabbanim, this song opens a door to the future of Jewish Music.

“People are looking for something new, something different and exciting”, says NACHAS, “If we can update the beat and style, infuse it with a positive Torah message that everyone can understand and relate to, while entertaining them, elevating them and bringing Simcha, that is Jewish Music”.

“No matter who we are or what category of Judaism we fall into, be it Litvish, Sepahrdic, Chassidic, Chabbad, Israeli, affiliated, unaffiliated etc, we are all one nation, we are all Jews, we need unity, and we all need Mashiach to come.

“It is my hope that this song will help bring us all closer together. Once we realize that we are all brothers, Mashiach will surely come and Hashem will reveal his glory to the entire world. In a Badaboom! he will finally end this Galus”
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It started with Na Na Nase Venishma,
Now from far away Koyli El Hashem Ekra,
Hold on come on you know we gotta hold on,

Put your hands up in the air,
Call out to Shamayim show that you care,
Hold on come on you know we gotta hold on

Chorus: BadaBoom

Ani Ma’min B’emuna Shelaymu
BadaBoom I believe Ve’af al pi sheyesmamayu,
So hold on come on you know we gotta hold on,

Chorus: BadaBoom

Ok attention everybody speakers up,
I’ve got something for you listen up,
Mashiachs coming he’s on his way,
Coast to coast we’ll all be saved,
But it’s hard for him to come here for us,
Jews still not listening to Torah,
We gotta get the kids to realize,
Eitz Chaim He,
This is true life,
Now I’m singing from a soul that’s pure,
Come hear what I’ve got in store,
I got a vision to share with you all,
G-D is our father for NACHAS he calls,

We might get shut down yes,
We might get turned off yes,
Will we get up uh yes,
It’s you we wanna impress,
We feel redemption coming,
We feel it everyday,
Ye we beg and we pray and we say,
Please can you bring it today,
After darkness will be light,
Every fight we will survive,
We are G-d’s sun that now is set but will forever rise.

Badaboom is a Sparks Next production

Produced and Directed by-
Danny Finkelman

Composed and Written by-

Music by-
Ruli Ezrachi

Photography and Art –
Mauricio Arenas

2nd Camera –
Nicolas Gril

After effects –
Massimo Crapanzano

Co Producer –
Meir Kalmenson

Choreography –
DJ Nesher

Consultants –
Yossi Newman
Sruly Meyer

Lighting –

Cameo –
Zalman Krause

Photography for press –
Sruly Meyer

Boruch Hahn
Meir Hahn
Menachem Benarroch
Meir kalmenson
DJ Nesher

Special Thank You
Benny Friedman
Lipa Schmeltzer
For all of your help and guidance

Thanks to
EyeQ Optical

Rabbi Note Shemtov
The ALIYA Institute

Sruly Meyer
Menny Boaron
Yitzy Wadiche
Chaim Mizrachi
Halel Harel
Shmuel Fischler

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