OHEL’s Annual Retreat to Bear Mountain State Park


On June 12, a large group of adult men and women from OHEL’s residential and psychiatric programs traveled to Bear Mountain State Park for what has become an annual picnic and barbeque.

3 coach busses full of over 150 residents and staff went up to the park, which included residents and participants of OHEL’s Kadimah Clubhouse, Fort Hamilton residence, 41st residence, and OHEL’s supported housing programs.

Once all the busses arrived at Bear Mountain, the residents all enjoyed a fun and relaxing day in the sun and fresh air. A delicious picnic lunch was served and participants played sports including games of basketball and softball. OHEL’s Yitz Elman commented that “the day provides a unique and informal atmosphere where individuals both socialize with one another and with the staff.”

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In addition to the sports and activities, there was also hiking in the beautiful, scenic trails of Bear Mountain.

It was a fun and exciting day, and rejuvenating to be in the fresh country air. All of the participants are already looking forward to next year’s exciting trip!

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