OU Kosher Presents a Free Virtual Kashrus Seminar – REGISTER HERE

    Illustrative: Kosher sign.

    In response to community demand, OU Kosher is proud to launch our new Community Relations department with the goal of providing resources to benefit you. This includes shiurim, publications, workshops and insights into OU Kosher’s operations.

    As such, we are pleased to present a week-long advanced seminar in kashrus as you prepare for Elul in a more meaningful way. The conference will take place from Monday, August 17 – Thursday, August 20, from 10:30am -12:30pm.

    Each day of the conference, we will focus on a different topic – featuring an in-depth shiur followed by a practical workshop tied to that theme. The topics include: bedikas tolaim; shechita; kashering; and cheese. Mar’ei Mekomos and source materials will be provided. The seminar will culminate in a question and answer session with members of OU Kosher’s leadership.

    The conference will take place online this year, as our headquarters in Manhattan are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to join us via zoom or teleconference call. Space is limited, so register today by logging on to oukosher.org/askou or by emailing koshereducation@ou.org.

    We would like to thank the Harry H. Beren Foundation of Lakewood, NJ, for their support in helping to make this event possible.

    OU Kosher, the world’s largest kosher certification agency, certifies more than 1 million ingredients in 10,000 plants in more than 100 countries. The agency certifies two-thirds
    of all kosher-certified foods in the United States. For more information, please visit https://oukosher.org/.


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